Trends in Modern
Dental Implantology

Thursday, 02 July 2020

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8 April 2020

Dr. Burzin Khan & DT Danesh Vazifdar (India): “Digital Planning to Restoration – Part I”

9 April 2020

Dr. Rita Singh (Nepal): “Mucointegration around Immediate Implants”

10 April 2020

Dr. Giovani Ghirlanda (Italy): “Long-term Outcome of Immediate Loading in Aesthetic Sites”

11 April 2020

Prof. Dr. Hakan Özyuvaci (Turkey): “New Treatment Modalities in Oral Implantology”

14 April 2020

Dr. Florian Obadan (Romania): “Achieving Primary Stability in Fast & Fixed”

15 April 2020

Dr. Alexandros Manolakis (Greece): “Z to A – Prosthetic Driven Implantology for Increased Treatment Predictability”

16 April 2020

Dr. Frank Zastrow (Germany): “Biological Bone Augmentation-What are the Basics, Where are the limits?”

17 April 2020

Dr. Mahmoud Ezzad Ghazi (Egypt): “Digital Treatment Planning of Anterior Implant Cases”

18 April 2020

Prof. Dr. Raquel Zita Gomes (Portugal): “Trends in Modern Implantology”

19 April 2020

Dr. Luis Lapa Bessa (Portugal): “Integrated Aesthetic and Digital Pathway in Reconstructive Dentistry”

20 April 2020

Dr. Morvarid Keshvari (Portugal): “Digital Workflow for fast&fixed, Profile Emergence Made Easy”

21 April 2020

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ralf Smeets (Germany): “Small Diameter and Short Dental Implants Vs Alveolar Ridge Augmentation – What Really Works”

22 April 2020

Dr. Marcus Gambroudes (UK): “Prosthetic Considerations for Full Arch Implant Reconstruction”

23 April 2020

Prof. Dr. Miodrag Šćepanović (Serbia): “Implant retained Hybrid Prosthesis – Different approaches”

24 April 2020

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med.dent. Jörg Neugebauer (Germany): “Indication for Khoury-Technique vs. Bone Splitting”

27 April 2020

DT Danesh Vazifdar (India): “Indication for Khoury-Technique vs. Bone Splitting”

Ass. Prof. Andrea Enrico Borgonova (Italy): “Old & New In Ceramic Implantology 14 years overview of Clinical & Experimental Experience”

28 April 2020

DT Nikolaos Mouzis (Greece): “Advanced Telescopic Dentures”

Dr. Theo Odysseos (Cyprus): “Immediate Dental Implant placement Immediate Smile. The Surgical & Prosthetic Approach”

29 April 2020

DT Sasa Bulic (Serbia): “Technology of advanced retained hybrid prosthesis in a dental laboratory – the future has already begun”

Dr. Prof. Jose Sanchez (Spain): “Peri Implant Tissue Preservation”

30 April 2020

CDT Mohit Suryavanashi (India): “Art, Technique & Aesthetics – A symbiotic perspective”

Dr. Yury Kalinin (Russia): “Guided Surgery for Predictable Prosthetic Outcome”

1 May 2020

DT Vasile Bacila (Romania): “Simple or Complex, the Same Philosophy”

Dr. Dragana Rakasevic (Serbia): “Photodynamic Therapy in the Treatment of Peri Implantitis & Periodontol Diseases”

4 May 2020

DT Jose Peidro (Spain): “Present of Biomaterials Bio HPP – HIPC”

Dr. Jonathan Swarbrigg (UK): “Digital Planning for Implant Placement: Single to Fast & Fixed”

5 May 2020

DT Jorge Reyes Minguillan (Spain): “Desafiando un Material PRESENTE “Estética, Color, Naturalidad”

Dr. Zoran Vlahovic (Serbia): “Guided Implantology – My experience”

6 May 2020

DT Fernando Griffon (Spain): “BDT technique and gums”

Dr. Mark Willings (UK): “Digital planning of cases/Treatment protocol”

7 May 2020

DT Thanos Chatiras (Greece): “Digital vs Analog workflow of physiological prosthetics”

Dr. Meni N. Chatzinikolaou & Dr. Todd D. Gonidis (Greece): “Digital workflow for predictable implant restorations”

8 May 2020

DTG Sander M. Polanco (Eduador): “CAD-CAM mythologies in full mouth rehabilitation”

Dr. Pier Paolo Poli (Italy): “Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy in Dentistry An overview”

11 May 2020

Dr Anshul Mel (India): “3D Technology for Definite Attachment Solutions”

Dr. Sanjay Sah (Nepal): “Esthetics, Prosthetics, And Biology Behind”

12 May 2020

DT Bagus Sutoko (Indonesia): “Simple, Fast & Beautiful – BioHPP and Crea.lign on Implant Supported Screw-retained Bridges”

Dr Selim Pamuk & Prof. Aslan Gökbuget (Turkey): “Soft Tissue Management in the Anterior Zone with CAD/CAM approach”

13 May 2020

Dr Vladimir Cakan Mdt (Serbia): “Prosthetic Restorations of BioHPP on Implants”

Prof. Emanuel Bratu (Romania): “Implant Design for Bone Preservation”

14 May 2020

DT Masaiichi Tsuchiya (Japan): “Explore the Possibilities of Visio.lign System – Approach in Implant Prosthesis”

Dr. Hrvoje Starčević (Croatia): “Single Implants in Aesthetic Region”

15 May 2020

DT Marwan Khoury (Lebanon): “Digital Workflow for Hybrid Restorations”

Dr. Nicu Iuga & Dr Bianca Iuga (Romania): “Clinical Challenges in Different Prosthetic Implants Rehabilitation”

18 May 2020

DT. Wyatt Dawn (UK): “Thermopress 400 a Strong Option”

Dr. Rita Singh, MDS Periodontics (Nepal): “10 Mantras in Implant Surgeries”

19 May 2020

DT. Mario Parra (Spain): “Basics About Attachments”

Dr. Denis Suchkov (Russia): “The Implant Prosthetic System Fast & Fixed and Zygoma”

20 May 2020

DT. Shrikanth Mallem Kumar (India): “Focus on Fast and Fixed Same Day Provisionals”

Prof. Dr. Florian Beuer (Germany): “Prosthetic Concepts on Short Implants”

21 May 2020

DT. Mario Bosnar (Croatia): “Semi – Fixed Solutions in a Modern Dental Lab”

Dr. Narayan Venkatraman (India): “The Socket Shield Technique in Immediate Implant Therapy. Preserving Natural Beauty”

22 May 2020

DT. Lucian Ciur (Romania): “How to Make a Fast and Fixed Definite Bridge Using Titanium or BioHPP”

Dr. Burzin Khan & DT. Danesh Vazifdar (India): “Integrating 3D Implant Planning with Customised Abutment and Immediate Restoration- Part 2”

26 May 2020

DT Nazzareno Cappelli (Italy): “BioHPP… back to the future”

29 May 2020

Dr. Andrew Prynne (UK): “Intraosseous Anaesthesia: Painless, Immediate and Profound”

4 June 2020

MDT Stephan Adler (Germany): “The evolution of SKY fast & fixed therapy”

10 June 2020

Dr. Ionut Leahu (Romania): “A Novel Classification of Edentulous Situation in Relation with the Clinical Treatment Possibilities”