Impression, denture AND surface disinfectant


Dentaclean impression and denture disinfectant 1000 ml (Ref. 52001006)

Dentaclean is a concentrate and is mixed for disinfecting impressions and dentures in a ratio of 1:9 (100 ml : 900 ml water).  

Additionally, this liquid can also be used for disinfecting surfaces. For the purpose, the concentrate is mixed as follows:  

  • 1% solution (10 ml : 990 ml water) with a contact time of 60 minutes
  • 2% solution (20 ml : 980 ml water) with a contact time of 15 minutes
  • 5% solution (50 ml : 950 ml water) with a contact time of 5 minutes
  • 7.5% solution (75 ml : 925 ml water) with a contact time of 1 minute

Application areas

1. Impression and denture disinfection

Impression (alginate, silicone, polyether, hydrocolloids, etc.)
Dentures (PMMA, thermoplastic materials)

2. Surface disinfection

Alcohol- and aldehyde-free disinfectant especially for disinfecting all common and standard surfaces, also synthetic (plastic) surfaces of treatment units.  

Technical information


Range of activity:

Contact times:

bactericidal yeasticidal virus inactivating
incl. MRSA
enveloped viruses incl. HBV, HCV, HIV,
herpes simplex,
influenza (incl.H1N1, H5N1),
BVDC, vaccinia,
corona virus (e.g. MERS-CoV)
1 Minute
1 Minute
1 Minute