BioniCut Snap – Aesthetic snap-on tooth splints


With BioniCut Snap, bredent is opening up new horizons in the field of tooth splints and tooth-coloured clasp dentures. Whether used as functional therapy (e.g., for CMD patients), a temporary solution for implant patients, a snap-on splint, a heal-in splint or a removable definitive prosthesis, BioniCut Snap improves aesthetics, physiology and functional therapy.

Adapted material, unchanged quality standards
The proprietary production method bredent developed especially for its BioniCut Snap blanks has yielded CAD/CAM results with truly top-notch mechanical properties, enabling the company to combine the advantages of modern CAD/CAM technology with its 20-plus years of experience with analogue polymer pressing techniques. Besides making it possible to manufacture designs as thin as 0.2 mm,

BioniCut also offers exceptional “snap” properties – its restoring force puts other materials in the shade. Thanks to elasticity that greatly outstrips polycarbonate and PETG, BioniCut designs are also more comfortable to wear than many materials, for example PEEK or PAEK. At the same time, it is so stable and breakage-resistant that even recessed areas remain free of cracks or nicks. BioniCut Snap is perfect for dry machining. Bredent’s breCAMCutter TP and Dental Concept Systems’ Orange Line are both excellent cutters that guarantee quick, precise dry machining results.

Dentists and patients are delighted:
Secure, tooth-friendly, discreet and aesthetic.

Brilliant aesthetics thanks to the chameleon effect
The material strikes an optimum balance between translucency and colour coverage on natural enamel – a “chameleon” effect that helps the restoration blend in perfectly. BioniCut Snap prevents discolouration and ensures exceptional colour-matching for authentic, natural-looking results.

Functional advantages: Worry-free eating, everyday convenience
BioniCut Snap provides a permanent, secure hold, which means patients with 24-hour functional splints can go about their everyday lives without worrying – even chewing creates no breakage risk whatsoever. Another clear advantage for patients is that no preparation or removal of hard tooth tissue is necessary. Besides being discreet and tooth-friendly, these bionic clasp prostheses are very comfortable to wear, which makes them perfect for acclimatisation prior to permanent restorations.

Real-world experiences
Maxi Grüttner (owner of Grüttner Dental Laboratory) offered bredent test laboratory assistance during the development phase. As she puts it, “Ever since our test phase, the new material has been important to us in the lab – we can’t imagine being without it anymore! The trend toward making splints invisible and functional is steadily picking up steam. BioniCut snap-on splints significantly increase patient acceptance of 24-hour splints, and they’re also aesthetically appealing, so they provide an immediate positive effect that motivates patients to wear them. The material is very easy to work with using the appropriate cutters, and it can be polished quickly. It even allows greater design flexibility, for example thinner areas or significant undercuts. We simply enjoy using it, and our customers love it.”

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