The removable bridge

RevoCone - An ingeniously simple system!

The low number of RevoCone components makes the system easy to use!
Stock-keeping is reduced and the production of custom-fit, digitally produced dentures is simplified.

The RevoCone housing provides a secure hold for the matrices andadequate retention for bonding in the tertiary construction.

The RevoCone cap can be used in different pull-off forces for removable to partially removable.

The RevoCone cone with circular retention provides a secure hold for the matrices.

Optimal alignment of the implants thanks to ≤ 25° angulation.

Prefabs for all common implant systems are available for the individually applicable system.

Production of the abutment (RevoCone base) takes place in the digital workflow.

What makes the RevoCone® system special are its simple protocol, calibrated bredent quality and unbeatable price. Fixed or removable – this is how implant prosthetics work today!

Dr. med dent. Tim Übermuth M.Sc.

Success with RevoCone

The prefabricated and custom-fit cone for each implant system enables straightforward, digital production and offers patients a high level of comfort thanks to a removable bridge design. The system offers the following advantages:

Telescopic restorations offer the best conditions for care and recall. The snap effect provides optimal feedback for the final fit of the restoration.

Guided surgery
Inaccuracies caused by the drilling protocol are compensated by the special cone design.

A high static value is given with vertical and horizontal force. The force peaks are offset by the flexibility of the resin.

RevoCone supports the preservation of abutment teeth with a strategic increase in the number of abutments by improving statics and reducing incorrect loading.

My expectations for implant restoration were already high – but they were exceeded. Now, that‘s what I call quality of life!

Karin M. - Patient from Hanover


your patients

• Significantly lower costs for top-quality implant-supported restoration
• Restorations can also be provided under changed/life situations
• Lower production costs mean that average earners can also afford higher-quality implant-supported restorations
• The option of increasing the number of abutments in the event of tooth loss means that there is a secure hold for the prosthesis
• Better cleanable solution compared to a bar solution

At the


• The use of CAD/CAM processes (e.g. with DCS machines) means huge time savings
• Less work required thanks to subsequent adjustment work
• Simple production of a double crown system by young, computer-savvy technicians
• No storage of pre-assembled parts due to small number of components

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• Access to new patients thanks to lower overall costs
• Easy restoration options for patients with different implant arrangements
• Simple, fast and cost-effective replacement of retention elements
• Significantly simplified treatment protocol
• Time-consuming friction adjustments are no longer necessary

  • Friction, adhesion and hydraulics for implant-friendly and long-lasting restoration
  • Better statics due to the preservation of the abutment is achieved by increasing the number of abutments – essential for patients
  • Late restoration in the lower jaw with 4 implants for a firmly fitting prosthesis
  • The planned immediate restoration offers a fast, simple fitting of the prosthetic restoration

... digital - what else?

Digital immediate restoration – the premium course for dentists and their teams

From handling data sets and backward planning to selecting the right implants in the SKY Fast & Fixed protocol. In this course, you will learn how to use and implement the digital workflow practically in your everyday work.

Course content/course objectives:

Day 1 (theoretical part):

• Implant planning with CoDiagnostiX
• Handling of data sets
• Correct implant selection
• Indication for immediate implantation vs. Immediate loading
• Virtual insertion and risk assessment
• Prosthetic planning – “backward planning”
• When is the right time to augment?
• Fast&Fixed in the digital workflow (1)

Day 2 (practical part):

• Drafting of immediate provisional inlays
• Production of milled provisional inlays (DCX™ –
• SKY Fast&Fixed in the digital workflow (2)
• RevoCone ® – the lifetime abutment

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