brePRINT – Your restoration for essential dental 3D printing applications


brePRINT – Your restoration for essential dental 3D printing applications

  • bredent offers its first 3D printing material series: brePRINT as part of its aspiration to guarantee 360-degree restoration.
  • 01Master Model for blunt, model casting, implant, opposing, hollow, rail and master models.
  • 01Classic Model for blunt, model casting, rail and opposing models
  • 03 Dental Cast for models for metal cast frameworks, press ceramics, crowns, bridge inlays and onlays

With the brePRINT material series, bredent has developed a range for the essential application areas of dental 3D printing. This underscores the company’s philosophy of 360-degree dental expertise and complete care for users from a single provider. 

In recent years, bredent has conducted research into additive manufacturing, so that it is able to offer certified 3D printing materials for products without medical approval. New 3D resins are constantly being introduced onto the dental market, especially for model production. With the growing number of resins, it is often a challenge for laboratories to select the right material for their particular 3D printer and application. CAD/CAM experts, such as master dental technician and Managing Director Lars Schäfer of Axio Dent, recommend using dental-specific 3D printing materials in dental laboratories. In line with this widely held viewpoint, bredent was able to develop various 3D printing materials tailored to different user needs. These cutting-edge solutions are now available for purchase. Lars Schäfer: “While I was printing, I noticed that there is virtually no demixing when you deposit the material for a short time. We work with a wide range of materials and use our printers mainly for trays and bite registrations. If you set the tray aside briefly in the lab, you have a very high deposit on the material that you have used so far. The surface becomes oily and a white deposit forms on the bottom of the plastic surface. In such cases, these materials often need to be thoroughly remixed, which can be time-consuming. This certainly doesn’t happen to us with brePRINT materials.”  

01 Master Model

The 01 Master Model is  suitable for blunt models, models for metal cast frameworks, implant models, opposing models and master models (see full indications in the list above). The material excels thanks to precise results, scratch resistance and optimum strength with equally high bending strength. The 01 Master Model is safe in its use, guarantees ultra-low shrinkage and provides an insulating surface against PMMA. It has a density of 1.06 g/cm³ and a bending strength of 100 MPa. The 01 Master Model is available in the colours “sand” and “light grey”.

01 Classic Model

The 01 Classic Model is suitable for both blunt and opposing models (please refer to the list on p.1 for complete indications). This material also delivers excellent results with the utmost precision. Its characteristics also include short printing times, a smooth surface, heat resistance, high bending strength and low shrinkage. The density of 01 Classic Model is 1.04 g/cm³ with a bending strength of 96 MPa. This material is available in the colours “sand” and “light grey”.

Lars Schäfer: “The Classic material is really impressively fast to print and boasts an exceptionally good surface. The Master Model material offers excellent application quality in all areas. I‘d recommend this material for models on which implant or combination work needs to be produced at a later stage. Master Model draws incredibly beautifully.”

03 Dental Cast

bredent offers the 03 Dental Cast for crowns, bridges, inlays and models for metal cast frameworks (please see complete indications on page 1 of the list). Heat-resistant and suitable for press ceramics, the resin ensures a custom fit and guarantees residue-free combustion. The 03 Dental Cast is also easy to handle during casting and pressing, has a low shrinkage and has an insulating effect against PMMA. The material boasts a density of 1.05 g/cm³ and a bending strength of 78 MPa. 03 Dental Cast is available in purple. Lars Schäfer assisted bredent with the Dental Cast material during the test phase: “Dental Cast was produced from the printer with superb resolution and very fine detail. It also exhibited flawless surface quality and printability.” 

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