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The right combination of shape, surface characteristics and positioning of an implant leads to the growth of bone on the backtaper, as scientific research and daily clinical practice have shown.

Backtaper - The evolution of Platform-Switch

The platform-switch has proven itself in modern implant systems. The Backtaper is now an additional element which gives the hard and soft tissue more space for attachment than the cylindrical and conical implant shapes as the illustration clearly demonstrates.

Subcrestal positioning

Clinical experience has shown that the additional space created by the backtaper, could be increased by subcrestal positioning of the copaSKY implant. The slim concave-shaped abutments provide more space for soft tissue attachment and bone growth on the backtaper. This has been confirmed in a recent multicenter clinical study.

Backtaper – gives more space to the bone and soft tissue

Subcrestal positioning – promotes bone growth

Microstructured surface

The microstructured surface of the backtaper supports the attachment of bone and connective tissue. When the edge of the backtaper is positioned subcrestally, there is the possibility of depositing bone chips on it, thereby preventing the ingrowth of soft tissue and offering additional support for osseointegration. Thanks to the minimalist design of the cover screw, the peri-implant tissue around the backtaper is not irritated during re-opening. Any new bone formed on the anodized cover screw can be easily removed with a sharp excavator.

Impressive clinical results

The results observed by the clinicians are persuasive. Regardless of the clinical indication,
new bone formation can be observed, from single-tooth restoration to the rehabilitation of edentulous jaws according to the SKY fast & fixed therapy. The vertical dimension of the alveolar ridge is preserved through the newly formed bone on the backtaper because there is reduced indication for bone levelling. 

The Bone Growth Concept is precisely the further development of the Platform-Switch: the implant and abutment design, the microstructured backtaper and the subcrestal positioning of the copaSKY implants, synergistically not only prevent bone resorption but also reliably support the formation of new bone which completely encloses the implant.

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Microstructured surface – supports osseointegration and the attachment of connective tissue

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