RevoCone – The removable bridge for any situation in life


RevoCone is a one- or two-piece customized abutment with up to 25 degrees of angulation and a standardized cone system for fixed to slightly removable prosthetic restorations. The lateral forces are optimally absorbed by the standardized cone solution. Patients are enabled to clean the abutment easily and quickly and to achieve optimum periodontal hygiene as a result. Thanks to the proven combination of titanium and resin matrices, the RevoCone system offers high biocompatibility. Depending on the oral health condition, the implantologist in charge can choose between four different pull-off values for his patients: 4 Newton (green), 8 Newton (yellow),12 Newton (red) and 16 Newton (blue). Whether fixed or easily removable, all caps guarantee secure retention of the prosthesis in everyday use. If necessary, these caps can be replaced quickly and easily to respond to the current patient situation. The result is lasting improvement in the patient’s quality of life. Necessary activities such as eating or speaking can be performed without any problems. Patients can pursue hobbies such as singing or playing brass instruments and participate healthily in social life.

Caps of different colors for individual strength

Angulation of the abutments up to 25° provides a wide range of applications.

High static strength is given when vertical and horizontal forces are applied.
The force peaks are compensated by the flexibility of the resin.

Suitable for every patient need - simple and fast in implantological use

The innovative system has been available on the market since May 2022 and is one of the few in the sector that fits different implant systems at the same time. Consequently, the denture can be used in patients who already have different implant systems in their mouths. The RevoCone Base (Prefab) is fabricated digitally. One benefit of this CAD/CAM support during fabrication: dental technicians gain valuable time, and implantologists gain freedom thanks to the variable, selectable angulation.

The RevoCone Cone is bonded intraorally to the Base and the tertiary construction to the RevoCone Housing. RevoCone is suitable for both late restorations and immediate restorations in combination with residual teeth, which, in addition to the quick result for the patient, also minimizes the treatment protocol for the implantologists. The system is therefore equally suitable for partially edentulous and edentulous jaws. From increasing the number of abutments to purely implant-supported fixation of the full denture and also in urgent immediate restorations: RevoCone can be used in a variety of ways and offers high static strength with vertical and horizontal force application. The individual abutments have been designed to ensure an optimal soft tissue situation. The plastic matrices prevent the clamping effect of the cone and thus facilitate insertion and removal of the palate-free full denture.

Hygiene options and comfort for any situation of health and life

The double crown system for all implant systems guarantees a high level of wearing comfort, even if the health and life situation changes (e.g. due to increasing age and resulting limitations).
The palate-free restoration allows the patient to enjoy eating and drinking. As the removable bridge is purely implant-supported or implant and tooth-supported, unpleasant pressure points on the gingiva are avoided. Insertion and removal as well as cleaning of the prosthesis can be learned quickly and easily from the patient. Secure and physiological wearing comfort is provided by the absorbing acrylic matrices. The patient receives feedback from the snap function as soon as the bridge is correctly inserted.
RevoCone provides all possibilities for patients, dentists and laboratories confirmed Dr. med. dent. Tim Übermuth M.Sc. (dentist, implantologist): “The RevoCone system impresses with a simple protocol, calibrated bredent quality and an unbeatable price: fixed or removable – this is how implant prosthetics works today!”

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Reliable support of the removable bridge due to
the plastic matrices and the circular retention.

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