SKY fast & fixed – The success formula in the practice


Standardisation = Success

Standardised processes in everyday routine allows you to focus on what is essential. The SKY fast & fixed full-arch restoration makes it possible to manage approx. 80% of the cases with a standardised protocol.
This enables you and your team to focus on the peculiar aspects of the each case.

The symbiosis of routine and learning curve

Practice makes perfect. This principle can be applied to almost all areas of life and can be extended to the SKY fast & fixed therapy. The key to success is a well-coordinated team and a certain degree of routine in order to be able to grasp the complex procedures. Every single step must be perfect so that fast and atraumatic management of the patient is ensured. A standardized treatment protocol supports this. By regularly repeating the steps, the surgical assistant quickly understands what needs to be done with the right armamentarium, subsequently giving you more time to fully concentrate on the procedure. Our experienced medical product specialists are available to assist you with the first set of cases and boost
your confidence.

Predictable and guaranteed results

Unrealistic and false promises before treatment usually lead to disappointment for the patient which could have a wide variety of consequences. Standardisation allows you to avoid this problem, as you can make precise statements and plan an appropriate restoration before treatment on the basis of the existing bone structure. Consequently, the patient
knows what to expect right from the start. According to Dr. Ali Tunkiwala1, the reference values below are helpful in this context.

1 Tunkiwala, A., Kher, U., & Vaidya, N. H. (2020). “ABCD” Implant Classification: A Comprehensive Philosophy for Treatment Planning in Completely Edentulous Arches. Journal of Oral Implantology, 46(2), 93-99; 46(2), 95.

Increased economic efficiency

Beside guaranteeing success and securing routine processes, standardisation provides other advantages too. Preparing a cost estimate is considerably simplified, as more than 80% of the dental supplies and instruments are the same and only a few patient-specific features
need to be considered. Above all, this reduces the risk of exceeding the allowable maximum cost. At the same time, you avoid undesired post-treatment cost and guarantee your patients predictable reliability on the basis of a fixed price. With growing experience and routine, you can reduce the total treatment time and your patient can immediately enjoy social life again! In addition, unplanned patient visits due to dehiscence or other complications are reduced to a minimum by the immediate fixed provisional bridge on implants. In the best case, you will only see your patient during the recalls.

Success for practice and patient

Routine, standardized procedures and increased cost-effectiveness – the SKY fast & fixed therapy offers both your practice and your patients some major advantages. Achieve maximum satisfaction through time-saving workflows and immediate, improved quality
of life for your patients. Integrate it into your practice now!

For more information:

Histology of a whiteSKY implant
Source : Stadlinger et al, IJOMS 2010

Advantages of immediate restorations compared to augmentation and late restorations.

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