15 Years SKY fast & fixed!
One Race. Immediate Restoration! Ready for use!

15 Years SKY fast & fixed!
One Race. Immediate Restoration! Ready for use!

Why SKY fast & fixed?

SKY fast & fixed – is a term that has proven and established itself in the immediate restoration of the edentulous jaw. Thanks to perfect and reliably predictable results, this form of therapy has become an indispensable aspect of modern-day dental practice. Do you also want to become part of the success story?

Regardless of age group, every patient wants to maintain the perception and feeling of his or her youth. This is especially true for patients with terminal dentition on the verge of becoming edentulous. A full denture is often not satisfactory for most patients.

Put a smile on your patients´ faces – in just one day!

The fixed bridge on reduced number of implants offers an immediate improvement in the quality of life at an affordable price. Standardised procedures quickly give your team confidence. After just a few surgeries, you and your team will be working routinely and can concentrate on the specifics of the case.

An appropriate recall program for patients who received SKY fast & fixed therapy guarantees a safe lifelong restoration.

Best of all, numerous studies support fact and show a success rate of over 98.8% after 10 years in the mouth!

Advantages for immediate restauration

Standardized workflow simplifies the tasks

Reduction and avoidance of errors and complications

Reduced treatment times

Reduced costs

Increase in turnover

Satisfied patients - the best advertisement for your practice and laboratory

SKY fast & fixed and READY FOR USE

Connecting on a digital level

You want to integrate SKY fast & fixed in your practice and need start-up help?

Become a part of READY FOR USE! Efficient and resource-optimised – the digital communication platform networks implantologists and dental laboratories.

Plan the clinical case in perfectly coordinated steps: scan and upload the individual treatment situation, select the appropriate workflow packages, and fabricate patient-specific components through a verified partner laboratory.

Before the scheduled surgery appointment, the individual package arrives a compact box. For the first OPs, our experienced medical Product Consultants OPs are on hand to provide you with active support.

SKY fast & fixed and HELBO

In a double pack to success

Combat periodontitis sustainably!

The majority of SKY fast & fixed patients have teeth that are not worth preserving, which is the root cause of inflammation.

Extraction of the contaminated teeth does not completely eliminate the cause of the inflammation, as harmful bacteria remain in the extraction sockets and quickly grow again.

This is where HELBO antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT) comes into play: the therapy safely and reliably disinfects the extraction sockets using a photosensitive dye in interaction with low-energy exposure from the TheraLite laser – and it is completely painless!

SKY fast & fixed in action

Use Cases

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Patient video
Dr. Neugebauer

Statement fast&fixed
Dr. Obadan

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Use Case 1 Romania
Ioan Bădilă - Patient of Dr. Obadan

Use Case 2 Romania
Eugenia Ilie - Patient of Dr. Obadan

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To Pole Position with SKY fast & fixed!

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